If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment
— Linda McCartney

How much deposit will we need and how can we pay you?

A deposit of 10% is normally required to secure your date. The balance can be paid at any time until the week before your booking. If you wish you can pay when you see your pictures after your date as long as you are local. I do ask that clients who are not local please pay by the week before your booking. In short pay when it suits you best. You can pay by direct bank transfer for your protection.

How many photographs will we get?

This very much depends on the size of your wedding and how many guests you have. As a very rough guide you might expect to get around 200 images for ceremony only wedding or around 400 images for a full day. Please note that this is just a guide and will vary.

How do we get our pictures?

Your images are supplied copyright free on a USB stick which I would urge you to make at least two more copies. I keep a copy for at least three years normally.

How long will you stay on our day?

This depends on how much of the day you want me to cover. I always confirm an arrival and approx departure time with you for your peace of mind. If you wedding is running late on the day there is no extra charge so please don't worry. I always check in with you before departure to ensure that everything you wanted has been done.

Is it okay if other people take photos while you're taking photos?

Yes of course they can.  I actively encourage them to get involved. It's a very important part of the day for everyone.

Do you charge for weddings that are away from your immediate area or have any extra charges?

My pricing structure is transparent and can be seen on the pricing page. I charge £25 to cover transport costs for weddings that are more than 30 miles away from Exeter. I also charge £100 if you want preparation photographs. Please note that I do not charge any extra for working on bank holidays. There are no hidden charges for anything, ever.

Can we meet you?

Of course, it's very important that you like your photographer as well as their work. Any meetings you have with me are entirely without any obligation of course.

How far ahead do I need to book my photographer?

That is entirely down to you. But general advice is to avoid disappointment you should try to reserve your date as soon as you can. So the upshot is, book early if you can. But if you do have a last minute booking just ask. I will do my best you help you.

Have you taken photos at my wedding venue before? Would you be willing to visit the venue before the wedding day?

I may well have worked at your venue before but I will always visit your venue before your big day and preferably with you so that we can discuss options and locations etc.

Is there a videography team you enjoy working with that you can recommend?

Yes please contact Sam at Tick Tock films at https://www.facebook.com/ticktockfilmsuk/ Thoroughly nice chap and great to work with.


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